Both on fashionable and comfortable, here are a few of my essential items to transition you from fall to winter. This is especially important when you live in a place where it can be 70 degrees and sunny one day and 40 degrees and rainy/sleeting the next.

Long-sleeve Dress Those sleeveless dresses are not going to cut it on those cold, crisp nights. That’s why a long-sleeve dress is nice for a night out on the town or for work. The sleeves will keep you a tad bit warmer.

Betsey Johnson TightsTights Colorful, print and plain tights work for all occasions and for most of the fall and winter seasons. You can pair them with a dress, skirt or shorts as well as flats or boots. I’ve gone through several packages of tights and the ones that held up the best are from designer Betsey Johnson. They are thick for those really cold days and provide you with optional prints to spice up your legs.

DAV Festival Rain BootBoots Whether it’s raining, sleeting or snowing, it’s important to keep your feet both warm and dry. Having casual and dressy boots in your wardrobe will help you make it through this transitional season. Even rain boots can do the trick.┬áDAV makes fashionable, lightweight rain boots, even some with chunky heels. Plus, you can add a liner for when it gets really cold out.